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Reconditioned Stairlift 

 Reconditioned Stairlift fitted and guaranteed for 24 months

Save money and protect the environment

  •  Home free survey

  • Fits to the Stairs 

  • Affordable and reliable with low running costs

Call for more information: 08005677033

Reconditioned stairlifts as good as new 


Tried and trusted Acorn 120/130

Using tried and trusted technology, it will carry you smoothly and safely up and down your stairs as many times each day as you wish. Simple intuitive controls mean you will master the
Acorn 130 in no time at all, giving you the key to enjoying full use of your home again.

Power on demand

Acorn was the first manufacturer to develop and perfect a stairlift using reliable on-demand DC current from powerful batteries; an innovation quickly imitated by others. Although
the stairlift is still plugged in to a convenient wall socket - With no need for messy rewiring - it does not rely
on a constant outside power supply in order to work

Never stranded
Instead, when the stairlift carriage is "parked' at the top or bottom of the staircase its rechargeable batteries are topped up through a docking station. So even if there is a power
cut your stairlift will keep working for several days and you will never be unexpectedly stranded halfway up or down  the stairs.




Some people assume their staircase Is too narrow to accommodate a stairlift, but the slimline design of the Acorn 130 means it is suitable for the vast majority of straight staircases. When not in use, the seat, arms and footrest simply fold up to make the carriage even less obtrusive and the stairs easy to use by other family members or visitors to your home.

Hinged rail

Various options are available to suit specific circumstances, all of which will be fully explained during your initial survey. One of the most common is a short hinged section at the foot of the stairlift rail. It allows that section to be neatly folded up out of the way if it would otherwise cause an obstruction or trip hazard. Using the hinge also leaves space available for wheelchair or walking frame users.


No disruption

The simplicity the Acorn 130 straight stairlift, and the fact that it manufacture and supply so many of them, means that installation can typically take under two hours, with no fuss, mess or disruption. And if you need a stairlift quickly, we can fit next day if need be.

reconditioned acorn 130 stairlift.jpg

Reconditioned Acorn 180 Curved

From £ 1995 & 12 MONTHS WARRANTY

The reconditioned acorn 180 has improved life quality for many people.

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