Stairlift repair service
  • Priority callouts
  • 24hr cover
  • Parts
  • All labour charges covered

Servicing, Maintenance & Repair, comprehensive range of repairs services for all makes and types of stairlifts. 

Straight or Curved! We service and repair Stannah, Acorn, Minivator/Handicare/Age uk, Brooks Stairlifts, MediTek Stairlifts, thyssenkrupp flow 2 stairlift and more.


    Is your stairlift traveling slower then used to be, or making a noise, or keep stopping for no reason? 

Then it time to call for help before it gets worse.

If your lift requires a repair there are many possible issues it is not working. You should always make sure it gets done by an experienced technician. 

We offer phone support to costumers, our technicians love answering questions, solving problems, and helping you get your stair lift working again

Here’s how our stairlift repair service works






      Step 1

Check for any basic problems , and follow your stairlift troubleshooting guides to confirm a repair is required

stairlift repairs steps.PNG
booking a repair.PNG

Step 2
If a home repair service is required, contact us directly using the contact details or call 08005677033 



Step 3
An authorised stairlifttechnician will visit your location at the specified time

stairlift technician.PNG
stairlift repaired.PNG

Step 4
We’ll repair your stairlift on-site

Contact us to arrange your repair, or if you need help troubleshooting your issue: 08005677033